Common Types of Removal Vehicles in the UK

In Great Britain, the property removals industry is one of the oldest around as such it uses a number of vehicle types. A transport vehicle of the correct size and load capacity is an integral part of every property relocation. Movers use a variety of vans and lorries depending on the scale of the moving project.

The range of removal vehicles in UK – from smallest to largest

  • Panel van – panel vans are one of the most common removal vehicles out there. These vans do not have any windows they are single cab vehicles (driver +2) and usually have double swing door at the back. They are able to carry between 12 and 14 cubic metres of cargo. Movers usually opt for the long wheel base version.
  • Luton van – also known as box van, the vehicle is easily recognised by the large cargo box resting over its chassis. Luton vans only have single cab and are usually fitted with a tail lift and platform at the back. Movers prefer the long wheel base version of these vans. An average Luton van will fit about 15 cubic metres of cargo.
  • 5 tonner – a lorry sized vehicle of about 30ft length. Utilises a large cargo box resting over the chassis, also a heavy duty tail lift and platform at the back. These lorries only come in single cab variety (driver +2). Properly loaded, the vehicle will easily haul up to 40 cubic metres of payload.
  • 18 tonner – a large lorry of about 40ft length. Used for large scale removal projects like 3 & 4 bedroom homes or entire shops. Also features a heavy duty lift ramp at the back. When properly loaded, the vehicle will effortlessly haul anything up to 63 cubic metres of payload. Used for large and long distance removals.